Walking Otherwise – 2020 visions

In September 2020 InspiralLondon was co-creating a festival of walking workshops, international exchange and on the ground research with University of East London, WAN, and MT International – WALKING OTHERWISE 17-19 September 2020.

Due to Covid19 Walking Otherwise has been reorganised as a series of walking workshops during the month of September to coincide with Totally Thames Festival. Leading a number of walks and performative events  – as part of Towards Watery Commons – that take place along the Thames Estuary, exploring the River valley system embedded in the city’s often hidden infrastructure. See Events page.

or Watch: Other Walking with Urban Fox

Weekend: 12/13 September: Fathomless River

17-19 September: Walking Otherwise – On the ground, Festival and Conference

Day 1 Metropolitan Trail International Meetings and Workshop.

Day 2 Presentations, Provocations and Workshops. University of East London

Day 3 Workshops and presentations. East London Locations

Weekend 26/27 September: Hidden Depths – Walks to secret and hidden events on the Thames tidal foreshore.