InspiralLondon Walks 2022

Re/live InspiralLondon Walks 2022

Reliving the highlights of InspiralLondon’s walks and adventures of 2022 (Dec 2021 to Dec 2022)


Thanks to all InspiralLondon Associate Artists and fellow travellers:
Walks on the film were made and created collecively and through artistic collaborations: With special thanks to Sarah Sparkes, Nicole Mollett, Frog Morris, Mikey Georgeson, Richard Couzins, Charlie Fox, Calum F Kerr, Keith Turpin, John Churchill, Gail Dickerson, Jo McCormick, Ralph Overill, Johny Brown.
Keep looking out for InspiralLondon Events for all our unique Walks 2023! We enjoy sharing our hospitality & all your company.