Visual Archive

Flotsam to Jetson – Sailor Forbes Spirit Guide Walk (3 November 2019)

Segment 35 The Rewalk (January 28 2018)  Knockholt to Farningham Road

Segment 36 (October 15)  Gravesend to Farningham Road Station (reverse)

Segment 35 (October 8)  Knockholt to Farningham Road Station

Segment 34 (September 10) Coulsdon Town (Kenley) to Knockholt


Segments 32 & 33 (August 20) Hampton Court Station to Coulsdon Town


Segments 30 & 31 (July 9) Hayes & Harlington to Hampton Court Station

Segments 28 & 29 (June 11) Northwood Hills to Hayes & Harlington

Segments 26 & 27 (May 21) Hadley Wood via Elstree to Northwood Hills


Segments 24 & 25 (April 23)  Chingford to Brimsdown to Hadley Wood

Segment 23 (April 2)  Gants Hill to Chingford

Segment 22 (March 5)  Woolwich foot tunnel to Gants Hill

Segment 21 (January 15)  Mottingham to Woolwich foot tunnel

Segment 20 (November 20)  Crystal Palace to Mottingham

Segment 19 (October 23)  Wimbledon to Crystal Palace

Segment 18 (September 25)  Kew Bridge to Wimbledon

Segment 17 (September 4)  Wembley Central to Kew Bridge

Segment 16 (September 4)  Woodside Park to Wembley Central

Segment 15 (July 24)   Silver Street to Woodside Park

Segment 13/14 (June 19)  Flats and Marshes: Wanstead Flats to Silver Street

Segment 12 (May 22)  Greenwich Park to Wanstead Flats

Up Croom Hill and down Maze Hill we wind a green witch path to Enderby Wharf (all gone). Erased above, we float above the Thames and think in bubbles of the City urbanised, then fly through undertunnels to West Ham Park toward Forest Gate.


Segment 11 (April 24) Herne Hill to Greenwich Park

Brockwell Plantain and Shepherd’s Purse, Rachel guides us through spring tide bursts of green; Chickweed feet of donkey and the cow parsley exploding disco like in Dulwich Park, we spun around, in botanical reverie, to land at Black Heath edges, where Watt Tyler said…

Segment 10 (March 6) Hammersmith to Herne Hill

Hammersmith Bridge along the Thames to Putney, St Marys Church – come face to face with Leveller debates, ventriloquists and musical hall. We endure hail in Clapham South and hand to hand, pass hoody trouville make final camp at Herne Hill’s Half Moon.

Segment 9 (Feb 7) with Damian Cosmas & Anne Robinson

Images: Damian Cosmas, Anne Robinson & counterproductions.

Cricklewood to Hammersmith Bridge via the Dissenters Cemetery (Kensal Green) with its sinking tombs and watery skirt; we reached the River Side where Defoe’s wormholt words to New Yoork, and the chained doors of Pere Lacahise opened out on the Streets of West London; remembering a red kingfisher cycling along Union Canal, spoke to us of winter moorings while we ate oignon soup.

Segment 8 (Jan 17) with Orniphilosophy from  JD Swann

Images: Calum F Kerr, Anne Robinson & counterproductions.

Stamford hill on Sunday morning, cross Chestnut Park we glide along the canal to Ally Pally, climbing the hill and round behind its skirts, an Ornithogical interlude by the wintering pond. A flocking of fed-up gulls, led Bowie’s soul – lazarus light – broadcast along Mossy Hill, then we came via snowy footfall to Cricklewood.

Segment 7 (Dec 13) with ghost guide Anne Robinson and JD Swann

From shrouded Canary Wharf we detoured to St Anne’s via St Dunstans ensigned semaphore; searching for bird traces, through Limehouse cut to Viking wick for vituals on the longboat Queen Mab, to finally glide through marshy dusk, coot and moorhen, to Stamford’s Hills… Thanks all.


Segment 6 (Nov 22) with Spirit Guide Sarah Sparkes – Albert Bridge to Surrey Quays

Starting in Battersea Park, the cars ran backwards off Albert Bridge and time neither went forward or back as we searched out the amberised memories of South London: toy buses, levitating, peeking down and up  we finally reached the river at Rotherhithe & walked on the ferry platform.

Photos: Sarah Sparkes, counterproductions, Calum f Kerr and Anne Robinson

Segments 4 and 5 (Nov 8) Finsbury Park to Albert Bridge.

Segments 4 and 5 Finsbury Park via Hampstead south to Albert Bridge. Sunday 8 November 2015 – foot by foot, giant causeway to Waterlow Park we head past Highgate, cross Marx and field to Hampstead Heath, some Maida Vale in Levy time, finally pass under Westway, arched tired, in Hyde Park dark down to picture/it on tremulous Albert bridge.

Photos: Anne Robinson, Calum f Kerr, counterproductions, Lisa Alexander

Segment 3  (Oct 18)  The City to Finsbury Park led by Anne Robinson

Segment 3 – The City to Finsbury Park, we stop near the Bank, then detour to the plague pit of Bunhill before heading north where we finally take our rest at Gerald the Inventor’s dissenting moving shrines.

Segment 2 (July 26)  Camden Lock to Southwark Bridge

Segment 2 – Leaving Inspiral Cafe and  Camden Lock we curve toward Southwark Bridge South. Passing the Regents Park zoo, spiraling through the centre of town, escaping the crowds we cross the Hungerford Foot Bridge observing the plants as we curve artistically to the Bear pits of Southwark.

Segment 1 (June 21) Kings Cross to Camden Lock

The start of Inspiralling London, Sunday 21st June, we pass round Moore’s ‘spindle’ anticlockwise 6 times and then revolve off to: Oakshot Court, through Bloomsbury, northwards turning across the top of Kings Cross. Tomorrow Summer Solstice