Inspiral Artist Publications

With the support of funders, notably Arts Council of England, MT and counterproductions InspiralLondon commissions and produces, with invited artists/contributors, a number of publications including:

A commission for soundcamp (May 2020); the publication ‘J D Swann’s Guide to InspiralLondon and Kent’ (A.A.A.B.A.M and inspirallondon CIC, 2020) and revised soundcamp phamplet (July 2018/Sept 2020); Darks a distillation of Anne Robinson’s festival commission (2018); revised Street Tree Twinning pamphlet by Rachel Gomme (2018).

You can browse sales page for individual items and order copies online for postal delivery. Sales support the work of the trail project.

More map/phamphlet commissions are planned for 2020-21:

Street Tree Twinning Project – Segment 1 twinned with Segment 36 InspiralLondon Trail

Published by InspiralLondon CIC 2018 – Inspiral Map

Rachel Gomme Street Tree Twinning Project for InspiralLondon: is an ongoing project that celebrates the intrinsic value of street trees, the resiuces they provide and their resiliance in the urban environment.

Inspiral Trail – Segment 24: Chingford to Brimsdown. Published by inspirallondon CIC 2020

Soundcamp sound mapping of walk in July 2019 – around Hawk’s wood and along trail offering some notes on sonic mobilities, boundaries… as one walks segment 24 (Design by Sam Baraitser-Smith 2020)

from Flotsam to Jetson: Sailor Forbes Spirit Guide no. 235

Published by InspiralLondon CIC (October 2018)

A guided detour from Segment 21 Eltham to Woolwich passing through Woolwich Old Docks – to search out traces of Sailor Forbes and his antisigns. This detour map was commissioned as part of The Ghost Tide exhibition at Thames Side Gallery, 19 October to 4 November 2018. An updated version of the detour and antisigns will be printed in 2021.

Darks – A queer stumble through time. Published by InspiralLondon CIC/counterproductions 2018

Anne Robinson’s unique series of poems and text that draws on experiences of walking; as well as inhabiting areas of Kings Cross and East London that have now been erased by gentrification and hyper-development.

Anne Robinson ia an artist who lives and works in east London. Her practice is concerned with the perception and politics of time passing.  ISBN: 978-09556370-0-3

J D Swann’s Orniphilosophical Guide to InspiralLondon and Kent Trail: The Final Furlong.

J D Swann conversations and interactions on the last three segments of InspiralLondon Trail: 34 Kenley to Knockholt (10 September 2017); Knockholt to Farningham Rewalk (28 January 2018); Gravesend to Farningham (InspiralLondon Festival 15 October 2017.

Edition of 150 Published by Artists’ Association of Autonomous Book Art & Magazines/counterproductions/InspiralLondon.

ISBN: 978-09556370-0-4