2020 Associate Artist Projects & Artist Exchange


In the current enforced lockdown InspiralLondon is launching a new mini-commission exchange with counterproductions (as decentrederspace) – Word-Object: antidotes for our current and future trajectory. See HERE for further details

In the spirit of Grunts for the Arts we seek to offer one small way to act and For artistic ideas to be valued and in propogating art for all our other streets.

decentrederspace now wishes to support artists and other creative citizens swimming against the current enforced inundation – to make together and apart a piece of exchange artwork.

You are invited to submit word-oject anti-signs for placement along inspirallondon Trail – for works transformed into small objects (up to 10 characters) you can recieve £25; for works transformed into medium objects you can recieve £35 (11 to 25 characters); for works transformed into large objects (26-35 characters) you can recieve £50-60. Word-Objects anti-signs should be short, pithy, and in spirit of dada, adopt attitudes of multi-lingual, de-centering, cross meaning messaging. Submission above 35 characters will only be considered on the rare occassion that they are so ridiculous and meaningfilled that they require hatcheting down and re-interpreting.

The ambition is to produce an average of one anti-sign per day during lockdown – at the current projection at least 84 word-object signs until the trail and life is re-opened. There are no terms apart from the themes outlined but you should be aware that this is an antidote exchange project.


A number of new Artist Projects and Commissions were launched  in  2020, including artistic events, walks and publications created from intense period of artistic R &D (2015-18).

Following the July 21-22 Night/Day walking relay – a logistical and artistic experiment for the proposed 36 segment relay week – InspiralLondon is supporting two new commissions and two new map pamphlets.

A commission for soundcamp forthcoming/postcoming (May 2019/2020); the publication ‘J D Swann’s Guide to InspiralLondon and Kent’ (A.A.A.B.A.M and inspirallondon CIC); Darks a distillation of Anne Robinson’s festival commission; revised Street Tree Twinning pamphlet by Rachel Gomme. Further publications to follow.