1. Kings Cross to Camden

Segment 1:Kings Cross to Camden – 5 miles (8km)

Starting from Kings Cross Square – at the empty plinth – where the Henry Moore Spindle Sculpture used to sit – the beginning of the 300 mile trail as we re-walk, spiraling anticlockwise to Gravesend.

Rewalk 2024, Colin Saunders interview at empty plinth
an excavation at Battle Bridge, before the Canal Basin
a spiral shell, tales from Kings Place
over Camley Nature Reserve to St Pancras Old Churchyard
where Hardy Walkers meet Hardy Gravestones and Mary Wollstonecraft
Sturdy Crypt Carytids hold up St Pancras New Church, at Euston
after the rain, an open shelter takes you from from Maiden Lane Estate to Camley Street
to go by Regents Canal we reach the end of Segment 1 and start of 2