Kolkata, Indian Artistic Exchanges

Following recent walking investigations in Kolkata and Howrah, InspiralLondon and counterproductions explore the potential of first Metropolitan Trail in India; alongside further interaction and artist exchange with activities in Kolkata and Bengal.

From an imaginary centre point, by the statue to Indira Gandhi, the trail takes you in a multiplicity of directions, the centrifugal force of the city split by the lazy curves of theĀ Hooghly River as it glides towards the Ganges. (December 2018)

Walking as intervention and interaction with this vast hubhub of a city, with all its uncomprimising creativity andĀ  cultural activity.

“I don’t feel very creative when I’m abroad somehow. I need to be in my chair in Calcutta!” (Satyajit Ray)

Only one easy pedestrian bridge in the city, the population must rely on a fleet of aged ferries to cross the Hooghly River.

Crossing the river to find some peace in the Botanical Gardens…