InspiralLondon CIC

InspiralLondon is coordinated by InspiralLondon CIC, an original idea conceived by counterproductions in 2013. Since October 2016 the Metropolitan Trail has been promoted and managed inclusively by the Community Interest Company.

Inspiral is an ambitious artist-led project, that extends the potential of walking as art, working to create; then embed across London a novel metropolitan trail spiraling out from a centre to begin and end at Gravesend. Engaging a variety of communities and groups along the 300-mile path, it encourages the public to experience the city as a vast artspace: to re-imagine the built environment; creating accessible and pleasurable ways to delve into underexplored parts of the metropole; connecting places, people and space. The project forms a distinctive frame for curated walks, workshops, performances, talks, festivals, public artworks, publications,  and site-specific art.

The objects of InspiralLondon CIC are to carry on artistic activities which benefit the community and in particular to produce and promote creative, arts-related culture that compliments InspiralLondon: as a metropolitan trail, as a member and community company, through designing, maintaining and producing quality artistic activity for InspiralLondon Trail and any other related cultural activities, including heritage and education.


Dr Charlie Fox – Founder and Artistic Director counterproductions

Dr Anne Robinson – Artist and Programme Leader Media Foundation

Grant Smith – Director SoundCamp and Sound Artist

Steering Group:

Baptiste Lanaspeze, publisher Wildprojects Co-Director MT

Paul-Hervé Lavessière, Geographer and Urban Cartographer, Co-Director MT

Clare Qualmann, artist and Director WAN (Walking Artist Network)

Richard Sobey FRSA Co-Founder/Director at Delve Associates & Designer of Tactical Placemaking Initiatives.

Sarah Spanton, artist, consultant and Director Waymarking, Co-Founder Delve

Dr Cecilia Wee, Artsadmin Head of Artists’ Advisory Services

InspiralLondon CIC is a Community Interest Company – Limited by Guarantee.

Inspiral Logo Strip - Working 2018